Auto Accidents/Motor Vehicle Accidents

One area of practice in which I have substantial experience is the handling of personal injury claims resulting from motor vehicle collisions.  I have experience handling personal injuries caused by motor vehicle collisions starting with a career as a claims adjuster for an insurance company prior to becoming a lawyer.  I have spent 39 years as a lawyer representing people with personal injury claims resulting from car accidents and other motor vehicle collisions. Working as a lawyer and an insurance adjuster has helped me understand the process of working with an insurance company to settle claims without filing suit.

Personal injury claims can take 3-5 years in the court system before coming to trial, so settling the personal injury claim prior to trial may be beneficial.  However, there are cases that cannot be settled and in those cases, we will proceed to trial.

For clients with personal injuries received in a car crash or other motor vehicle collision, it is important for the lawyer to enter the case as early as possible.  The parties involved in a motor vehicle collision report the claim to the insurance company immediately, so the insurance company will have a head start in investigating the case.  It is important to get photographs of the vehicles involved and talk to any witnesses at the earliest possible date.  It is also important to get photographs of any injured parties, as well as the scene of the accident.  Unfortunately, attorneys are often not hired in time to preserve evidence that can be important to a successful outcome in a personal injury case involving automobiles/motor vehicle accidents.

It is important to remember that all personal injury claims involving automobile/motor vehicle accidents are handled by our office on a contingent fee agreement.  This means there are no attorney’s fees unless there is a recovery from the negligent party.

We are happy to provide a free consultation for anybody with a personal injury claim resulting from an automobile/motor vehicle accident.