Workers' Compensation

If you are injured in the course of your employment, under Illinois law you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.  There is no need to prove that your employer was at fault for your injuries as long as you were working at the time of the injury.  If you are injured while on the job, your employer is required to provide you with temporary total disability payments.  These payments are equal to 2/3 of your wages during the time you are unable to work as a result of your injuries and will begin after the third day that you are away from work.  In addition, your employer is required to pay for your medical treatment.  The law also provides that you are allowed to receive treatment from the doctor of your choice.  Finally, your employer is also required to pay you for any permanent partial disability.  Permanent partial disability is the permanent damage that is done to your body as a result of the work-related injury.

If a family member loses his or her life in the course of their employment, the workers’ compensation law provides that the surviving spouse has a right to receive benefits.

Workers’ compensation cases are initially heard at the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Commission which meets at different locations throughout the state.  These cases are not heard by judges in our court system unless there an an appeal from the Workers Compensation Commission.

There are no attorney’s fees unless there is a recovery for workers’ compensation cases.

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